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The larger and further from where I think I should be, the less I feel like my body is my own. I look down at myself and think "what happened when did...." Its like it isn't me, like I don't understand how I look like this. I mean really I looked in the window today, and I swear I look like I'm about 6 months pregnant. I know I'm not, but looking at me from the outside, I would have guessed I was. That really bothers me. I sometimes wonder how I got here.

I'll be fine. I'm mostly just tired, hormonal and bloated.

In good news, I did a good long walk at lunch today.

I can change this, it isn't too late.

Height 5'0"
Weight 171
Waist 41"
hips 43"
bicep 12 3\4
Thigh 22"
chest 45"
I'll update weight weekly, the rest monthly.
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