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I've been quiet because I had an apocalyptic emotional meltdown about the diet ...followed by a period of several days where I was eating very, very poorly. I seem to be my own worst enemy.

Yes, I gained a few pounds. I'm getting back on track, but it is so hard. I'm so very hungry right now, and carrots just are not cutting it. I was on the Weight Watchers site looking for inspiration and for recipes I can use this week, and all I could do was look at the pictures of the "naughty" foods and think, "oh god, I really want some of that." ::facepalm::

Every time I fall off the wagon it makes it that much harder for me to gather the motivation to start again. I'm trying to live by the motto, "Fall down seven times, stand up eight," but what I really want is for someone to tell me that I will succeed, and that this will all be worth it. Because right now, I'm having a heck of a hard time believing it. I'm forcing myself to be in a diet mode, even though I don't feel at all motivated or inspired. I really hope I'll be able to stick to it anyway, and that perseverance will win out over motivation.

Sorry if I'm being a bit of a downer. I just hit a bit of a low spot and could really use the support.
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