squire_liz (squire_liz) wrote in fitformdrf,

Calorie counts

Ok, I know we are all here because we want to make changes in our lifestyles that will help us be happy, healthy and fit. I applaud all of us for taking the start and acknowledging our goals. Just keep at it, and remember, the biggest part of this goal is HEALTHY.

Its easy to set caught up in the whole "I need to loose weight, need fewer calories, if I just keep cutting back I'll loose it in no time" idea. Lets face it though, we need a certain amount of calories to function, even post bariatric surgery you are supposed to have 1000 calories a day. Average woman loosing weight should probably be no lower than an average of 1200 calories, and thats probably a bit low if you are active at all. Granted, if you have a busy day and miss a meal on occasion, you probably won't hurt yourself, but not for long term daily habits. Oh, and getting down to 800 calories a day? That screams anorexia to me.
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