Joe Shelby (acroyear70) wrote in fitformdrf,
Joe Shelby

daily fitness post - time to do something.

ok, wiggles is 2 1/2 and i'm now having a hard time feeling the energy to chase after her...and that's only going to get worse.  the fact that i'm not doing weekly morris (too far away, too much traffic, and too late in the day) just compounds things.

time to take a load off myself.  even though i'm not formally in the MDRF challenge this year, I'm gonna start trying to act like I was, just like 2009 when I managed 30 pounds.  last check, I was 158.  still well under the worst-of-the-worst 172, but 10 above my original goal and 15 above my ideal.  geeze, if i was eating out dinners like i was in '06 through '08 how much worse would it be?

SO new rules:
1 beer or half-wine every 2 days, tops (i've been up to 2 beers or 2 glasses in a day more regularly than I should).  a beer @ lunch means water only to drink @ dinner. and go find some yeungling lite (drinkable and only 100cal)
back to the morning oatmeal packet: eat it while waiting the 10 min it takes for the coffee to finish
bought lunches cut in half if possible
bring leftovers in more often
pre-allocate dinner portions and don't get seconds (in order to make said leftovers)

I don't think i'll be as picky on the 1500/cal goal, but maybe 2000/day + exercise will be enough.  will know in a couple of weeks.

speaking of which:
1) start using the building gym (the ellipticals are a bit different than my last company building's but we'll see...)
2) this weekend go back and blast-clean the tv room so I can use the wii fit
3) bring in the abslider (unlike last building, this one doesn't have one) as well as the sweats
4) the room gets a decent 3g signal, so start putting together 80s rockin' playlists (unfortunately i can't find where the zen is that had the 80s music I used back then :( )
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